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    Shatila’s Pastries a star shining from Dearborn to the world

    Shatila’s Pastries The place of high quality and the destination of all families .
    The name Shatila penetrated the world from the city of Dearborn, which has seen its initial start to enrich its radiance to all regions across the United States and the world.
    The project of the persevering man, the late Riad Shatila, is still shining due to Mrs. Zinat Shatila and her three daughters Tanya, Nadi and Batool, who completed the project of their father and were saddened by its success and spread.
    The family of the late Riad Shatila wishes all members of the Arab community the best congratulations and blessings by the month of Ramadan and welcomes them in their shops and always promise them to provide the best.




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