Community Events

    AMER Foster Care Youth & Family Support Fundraising Event

    It is the first but not the last; it is the first step in the thousand-mile walk.

    The Amer event entailed a series of powerful and impactful speeches that spoke volumes in terms of the dire need for foster care improvement and the subsequent consequences of a system that failed and divided a family. The Amer dinner tonight touched he hearts of the community as Hajji Rehab Amer accounted the injustices that wrecked havoc on her family 31 years ago; an account that bought the audience to tears. Hajji Lila Amen Eloquently and passionately Emceed the event and Hajj Hassanain Rajabali outstandingly connected Gods grace and mercy to our daily struggles and social issues. Attorney Roger Farinha, legal advisor for the AMER foundation also graciously advocated for the cause during the dinner. John Dingell, former dean of congress and cosponsor of the Amer national bill in 2015, bought to light the necessity of the Amer Act remaining in tact and mentioned that it’s not just about Muslim children, but the importance that all children receive a safe haven when faced such circumstances.
    An emotional end to the night as the Amer family was presented with a hand draw customized portrait of all 5 Amer children.



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