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    Guatemala volcano : Death toll reaches at least 62 after Fuego erupts

    Fresh explosions and a new pyroclastic flow have been reported at Guatemala’s Volcan de Fuego.
    The head of of Guatemala’s National Forensic Sciences Institute said at least 62 people were killed   after the volcano erupted on Sunday, engulfing homes in three villages in the central American country and cutting off several communities from aid.
    Whole villages remain unaccounted for. Thirteen of the victims have so far been identified, with hundreds of others left injured..
    As Guatemalan authorities dealt with rescue operations Israel said it had delivered food, blankets and medicine through its embassy.First responders in helicopters managed to pull at least 10 people alive from ash drifts and mud flows that were up to the rooflines of some homes, forcing rescuers to use sledgehammers to break through the roofs to see if anyone was trapped inside.

    Residents of El Rodeo, about eight miles down-slope from the crater, said they were caught unaware by the fast-moving hot ash and rock when the volcano west of Guatemala City exploded on Sunday, sending towering clouds into the air.

    Searing flows of ash mixed with water and debris gushed down the volcano’s flanks, blocking roads and burning homesThe head of Guatemala’s National Forensic Sciences Institute has said at least 62 people are dead following the volcano eruption, with 13 of them having been identified.The eruption showered sand and ash on coffee plants across as much as 6,890 acres (2,788 hectares), including close to the volcano’s cone, causing an estimated loss of 0.91 per cent of Guatemala’ss coffee production, the country’ss national coffee association has said.

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