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    For this reason .. Do not eat pasta 4 days after cooking it!

    We all know that we should get rid of meat if it’s left on the table for too long, but what about rice or pasta?

    A bacterium called Bacillus cereus can live comfortably wherever it is – soil, food, or in the gut.

    This bacteria will proliferate by utilizing the nutrients from food products, including rice and pasta.

    It is a known cause of foodborne illness, but infection with this organism is not commonly reported due to its usually mild symptoms.B. cereus has a bad habit of secreting dangerous toxins into food. And some of these toxins are really difficult to kill with the heat a regular microwave provides.

    So it is very important to keep your food in the refrigerator and practice good kitchen hygiene. Moreover, heating leftover food properly is essential as it will destroy most bacteria and their toxins.