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    “Sputnik Light” … a new Russian single-dose vaccine to counter Corona

    Russia announced, on Thursday, that it has officially registered the single-dose “Sputnik Light” vaccine against the Coronavirus, in contrast to its traditional “Sputnik V” vaccine, which is taken in two doses.

    According to a statement issued by the Russian Direct Investment Fund, which finances the development of the vaccine, the effectiveness of “Sputnik Light” reaches 79.4 percent, compared to 91.6 percent for “Sputnik V,” according to Agence France-Presse.

    Also on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin supported his country’s lifting of patents on its anti-Corona vaccines. On Monday, Russia announced that it was heading to several Chinese companies to manufacture the “Sputnik V” vaccine, in an attempt to speed up production with the increasing demand. Russia has announced three deals totaling 260 million doses with Chinese vaccine companies in recent weeks.

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