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    Trump will forgive Mohammed Ali Clay

    The late boxing champion Mohammed Ali Clay
    US President Donald Trump, announced Friday that he is considering issuing a presidential namesti for about 3000 people including late boxing champion Mohammed Ali Clay.
    By a press release before leaving the Canadian city of Quebec to participate in the G7 summit, Trump said he would continue with the US Football Association’s players who urged him to reform criminal justice based on recommendations for unjustly treated people. 1
    965 1965] The famous boxer was sentenced in 1967 to refuse to attend the Vietnam War, sentenced to five years in prison, a fine of $ 10,000 and a ban on his participation in boxing competitions.
    Clay, who converted to Islam in 1964 His refusal to participate in the Vietnam War is contradictory.
    For his part, the lawyer of Muhammad Ali Ron Tuy, said that the late boxer’s family does not need this amnesty and notes that the Supreme Court delivered the verdict in 1971 and there is now no criminal record that requires the issuance of amnesty. 19659005] It should be noted that Muhammad Ali Clay strongly criticizes Donald Trump for his call to prevent Muslims from entering the United States during his presidential campaign.
    This is not the first time the US president has issued an amnesty for the dead, preceded by a presidential namesti sen boxer Jack Jackson, sentenced in 1913 to transport a woman across the country for “immoral purposes”.
    Source: Agencies

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