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    Eat soup daily … this is what a nutritionist explained

    Russian nutritionist Svetlana Voss said that the inclusion of soup in the daily diet plays an important role in the functional performance of the body,” according to Sputnik.

    The expert said that the best type of soup is the low-fat broth that is prepared with chicken or beef, and it is completely pureed, because this helps the digestive system, and the effect of fats in the soup negatively affects the health of the body.

    Voss noted that in order to preserve the beneficial nutritional properties of vegetables, they should not be overcooked.

    The specialist recommended “adding zucchini, celery, tomatoes and pepper, as well as meat, fish and eggs, as well as mushrooms in the soup ingredients.

    She pointed out that it is not recommended to eat soup with bread, and as a maximum, eat one or two loaves only, while you can add grains or pasta in moderation, so that no more than 200 grams.


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