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    Oakland county Attorney is re-investigating into man’s conviction who caused a fire that killed 5 children

    Pontiac, Michigan – Oakland County Attorney General Karen McDonald is re-investigating into man’s conviction ,  Juwan Deering, who caused a fire that killed 5 children in 2006

    Dering was charged with arson and five counts of first degree murder in connection with the April 2000 fire at Royal Oak.

    “The evidence regarding the credibility of three prison informants was not presented to the jury or disclosed to Mr. Dering’s attorney,” McDonald said.

    McDonald reviewed the case at the Michigan Patent Clinic’s request.

    After reviewing the conviction, officials said, McDonald ordered mandatory ethics training for each prosecutor and met with each of them to discuss the case.

    It also requested funding to appoint a special prosecutor to conduct an independent investigation and review all files in the Office of the Prosecutor relating to the three informants. In addition, it delivered the new materials to the Michigan Innocence Clinic, including notes and notes recorded by prosecutors over a period of several years.

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