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    ‘LIVING IN FEAR’ Paralysed TV star ‘terrorised by stalker who wanted to lift her out of wheelchair because it’s romantic’

    TV PRESENTER Sophie Morgan was left too scared to stay in her home after an online stalker bombarded her with creepy messages, a court heard.
    Ms Morgan, 33, who has fronted a number of documentaries as well as Channel 4’s Paralympic Games coverage, was allegedly sent almost daily messages by Robert Keegan on Instagram.
    Keegan, who had never met the TV host, is said to have told her he wanted to take her out of her wheelchair and carry her around ‘because it would be romantic’.
    Camberwell Green Magistrates Court heard he sent a ‘large number’ of messages to Ms Morgan between last October and this month.
    The presenter was said to be ‘very scared about what he [Mr Keegan] will do if he sees me in person. I have had to stay away from my home address’.
    Keegan pleaded not guilty to harassment and the case was passed to the crown court.
    Ms Morgan was paralysed in a devastating car crash when she was 18 and told she will never walk again.
    She had achieved the A-level grades needed to study law at Manchester University the day before the crash in 2003 but didn’t take the place due to her life-changing injuries.
    Her TV career started around ten years ago when she finished as runner-up on Britain’s Missing Top Model, a BBC3 show where eight disabled young women competed for a modelling contract.
    As well as hosting Channel 4’s Paralympic Games coverage in 2012 and 2016, Sophie explored the issues behind the crash which left her disabled in BBC Three documentary ‘Licence To Kill’.

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