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    Between Sport Qatar and the opening match of the World Cup on the open channel

    We publish to you the news about Morocco today
    Bahrain National Sports Channel BEIN SPORTS announced the broadcast of the World Cup opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia on the unencrypted open channel Thursday. 18.00 GMT.
    According to the channel, the tripartite meeting raises Raouf Khalif, Khalil al-Balushi and Ahmad al-Tayeb.
    The open channel on Arab Sat satellite broadcasting 11566 horizontal, 27500 coding, 3/2 error correction rate, DVB-S2 broadcast signal, 8PSK wave rate.
    The expression took the Saudi team in Group A next to Egypt, Russia and Uruguay.
    The current edition of the World Cup is the fifth where the Greens participate after participating in 1
    994, 1998, 2002 and 2006.
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