With her amputated leg she broke the Guinness World Record by holding a static wall sit position

    Dareen Barbar, Lebanon native living in Dubai is a fitness coach who took on the static wall sit position for 2 minutes and 8.24 seconds breaking the Guinness World Record.

    She broke the world record on the 4th of June as on this day 28 years ago in 1993 she lost her left leg that was amputated above the knee when she was a teenager.

    Barber said she broke her left hip in 2013 and had to have two screws installed. She said going to the gym to aid in her recovery led her to discover a passion for fitness.

    Barber, who now works as a fitness and lifestyle coach, said she drew inspiration from Terry Fox, a Canadian athlete who also had a leg amputated due to cancer.


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