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    Meeting people again… Is it difficult to mix after the pandemic?

    Meeting friends again for a cup of coffee or a meal, what once seemed normal now seems like a big event in light of the Corona pandemic.

    Meetings like this are once again possible in parts of the world as corona virus lock-downs are eased and safety measures continue to be adhered to.

    Yet after months of restrictions on social contact, the question is: Will we need to re-learn how to socialize?

    Physician and psychotherapist Myriam Press doesn’t call this a need to relearn or re-train, but, “It’s possible we might have got a little rust,” she says.

    People have been self-absorbed for months and focused less on others. Opening up to someone, showing interest in others, and also allowing them to bond doesn’t come naturally at first, says Press. In addition, during the pandemic, people learned to take care of others around them, which also included social distancing.

    Some prudence arose and some confidence lost. This is something that needs to be overcome in the beginning.”All relationships and encounters begin with interest,” she says. That is why she advises when meeting someone, for example, in a garden, to pay attention to the feelings and thoughts of the other, as well as to how they are in the “new normal”.

    With friends and acquaintances you haven’t seen for a long time due to the pandemic, you may realize that something is no longer the same, that you have become apathetic and dry. It is best not to over-complicate matters and try your best to keep all friendships alive