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    Here are some ways to reduce bloating quickly

    Flatulence is a common problem that many suffer from, and sometimes causes embarrassment and difficulty in choosing clothes.

    So, here are some ways to reduce bloating quickly:

    1. Avoid overeating: It is normal to feel bloated after eating in a hurry. When you eat quickly, you will not realize how much food you have eaten, which leads to fullness, so try to eat slowly, chew food well and not fill your plate.
    2. Avoid allergenic foods: If you feel bloated after eating a certain food, it is possible that you are allergic to that food, causing you to feel uncomfortable and gassy. Lactose, fructose, eggs, and gluten are common ingredients that you find difficult to digest.
    3. Avoid swallowing air: When drinking soft drinks or chewing gum, a person swallows a lot of air, which causes discomfort in the abdomen.
    4. Avoid foods rich in fiber: Beware of eating foods that contain a lot of fiber, as they produce large amounts of gas.
    5. Eat at regular intervals: Eat meals throughout the day to keep the digestive system moving, leaving large gaps between one meal and the other can lead to the formation of gas in the gut bacteria.
    6. Eat foods rich in probiotics: These foods increase the number of good gut bacteria and speed up digestion.
    7. Reducing sodium intake: Foods that contain high amounts of sodium trap water in the body, which leads to flatulence.