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    Governor Whitmer plans to fund parks, Senate plans to fund bridges

    LANSING, Michigan — Governor Gretchen Whitmer on Thursday called for spending a “historic” $250 million in federal coronavirus relief aid to modernize the state’s parks and driveways, a day after Senate Republicans announced a $1.5 billion plan to repair deteriorating local bridges. via Michigan.

    The latest proposals to be added to the mix were as the governor and the Republican-led legislature consider how to use the $6.5 billion in discretionary COVID-19 funding included in the rescue package enacted by Congress and President Joe Biden.

    Whitmer said the pandemic has disproportionately hit tourism, and that the money should be used to help tourism-dependent communities recover. She noted a backlog of $264 million in maintenance orders at 103 parks that received about 35 million visitors last year, a 30% increase attributable to the coronavirus outbreak.

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