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    Do you want to reach the ideal weight… Here are these tips

    Many people strive to eat healthy food during their day, and perhaps there is a lot of talk about the benefits of eating breakfast, but what many do not know is that making time for lunch, even with a busy schedule, is very important for maintaining an ideal weight.

    In this regard, Dietitian Tamara Ducker-Freeman said: “Dedicating enough time to eat a satisfying and balanced lunch can help us regulate our food and keep us better connected to actual hunger cues,” according to what was published by CNN.

    She added, “Skipping lunch can lead to more than feeling hungry and lowering blood sugar, as it will consume the majority of calories in the evening and affect your waistline and health and can also contribute to sleep problems.

    Even if the break is only for 30 minutes or so, setting a time for lunch in the middle of the day will help us avoid slumping throughout the afternoon, said dietitian Lisa Young, author of Finally Full, Finally Skinny.

    Thinking of lunch:

    She stressed that you should think of lunch as any other date during your day and plan it from the moment you wake up, and decide what you want to eat so that a mixture of vegetables, healthy proteins and carbohydrates rich in fiber are combined, while avoiding delaying it in the afternoon, especially if you are trying to control your weight.

    One study of 420 obese people confirmed that those who ate lunch before 3 p.m. lost more weight than those who ate lunch later, despite eating the same number of calories and similar amounts of fat, protein and carbohydrates.