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    Lebanese FM Holds Series of International Calls on Hariri’s Absence

    Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil held a series of international calls with his foreign counterparts aimed at explaining the circumstances surrounding the resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who is believed to be held in Riyadh.
    National News Agency reported that Bassil called on his counterparts to help Lebanon to secure a quick return for Hariri to his country, in order to ensure the political, constitutional and personal circumstances that allow him to make the decision he deems appropriate.
    The Minister stressed “Lebanon’s adherence to all international laws and respect for international agreements and resolutions and diplomatic norms, particularly the Arab League Charter, in which Lebanon does not accept interference in the affairs of any Arab country, nor does it accept the interference in its internal affairs, as well as attacking his freedom, sovereignty, independence, dignity and unity,” according to NNA.
    Bassil meanwhile “expressed Lebanon’s keenness to maintain the best international relations, particularly with the Arab countries.”
    Source: NNA

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