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    7 killed in Kurdistan Region earthquake, hundreds hospitalized

    At least seven people were killed in Darbandikhan and Sulaimani in Sunday night’s earthquake that shook the Kurdistan Region, local officials said, and more than 300 hospitalized for injuries.
    Health officials in Darbandikhan said that 50 people were taken to hospital and Sulaimani officials reported around the same number of people with minor injuries.
    US geological survey reported it was a 7.3-magnitiude earthquake. The local geological society assured people that “there was no fear of a second earthquake,”
    Minister of Health Rekawt Rasheed said Monday morning that 4 died in Darbandikhan, 2 in Garmian and 1 in Sulaimani. A total of 321 people have been hospitalized across the Kurdistan Region, he said.
    The epicenter of the earthquake was the town of Halabja near the Iranian border, though the majority of casualties were in Iran, with state television reporting at least 130 dead.
    The minister of agriculture told the media that the dam in Darbandikhan had sustained minor damages, but that it did not pose any threats.
    The mayor of Darbandikhan Nasih Mala Hassan advised residents to stay away from the path of the dam.
    Mala Hassan said that a number of homes have collapsed and “they are not sure” if any people are trapped underneath them.
    People have since shared pictures and footage of damaged buildings, mosques and markets with Rudaw television and social media sites.
    The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) described the incident as unfortunate and advised people to follow the instruction of their local authorities.
    “We urge all medical workers and staff to report to work immediately and help the victims,” the KRG said in a statement around midnight on Sunday when detailed damages of the earthquake were reported

    source : Reuters