Dearborn News

    The Huge March on behalf of the 40th Day of the Imam Al Hussein (A) at Dearborn

    He is Hussein son of Ali the tribe of love and the light of the revolutionaries
    and they are the lovers of the Imam that got drenched with his blood. They defied the hot or cold weather and every obstacle. Their souls float amongst every land to say Labayka ya Hussein…
    The Islamic and Arab community attended a huge march on behalf of the 40th day of the Imam AlHussein(A) that started in front of the Karbala center until Ford Woods Park. After that food was served in the love of Aba Abdallah AlHussein
    Nothing lowers the voice of justice and for eternity, Everday is Ashura and every land is Karbala will always take over.


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