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    Mayor Bill Bazzi addresses a sharp speech to GFL, the City of Dearborn Heights’ contract waste hauler

    Dearborn Heights, Michigan – GFL Environmental, the City of Dearborn Heights’ contract waste hauler, has heard the word loud and clear from Mayor Bill Bazzi this week – “get the job done right . . . or else.”
    For some time, GFL has been on the receiving end oF Dearborn Heights residents’ ire due to sporadic performance, missed pick-ups and poor customer service when contacted. GFL’s management, in response, blames the recent problem on their inability to maintain adequate staffing levels – which has affected not just Dearborn Heights, but other municipal customers throughout Southeast Michigan as well.
    “I respect the position they are in regarding staffing shortages,” Bazzi explained. “But the service we are receiving is just unacceptable for our residents. Part of the hard-earned dollars they pay in taxes is spent with the expectation that they will have a dependable and thorough waste removal service. Based on the many complaints we have received – especially recently – the quality service we were promised back when this contract was being negotiated is simply is not happening.”
    In response, the Mayor, along with the City’s Attorney notified GFL last week via certified mail (and e-mail) that “ . . . the City considers your company to be in and to continue to be in breach of the Contract that it has with the City“, citing their “ . . . failure to timely provide services as required with respect to residential solid waste autoside collection and disposal, yard waste curbside collection and disposal, and alongside recycling.” The communication went on to say these problems have been occurring on an ongoing basis throughout the City.
    “Our residents need to know I am taking this problem VERY seriously” Bazzi continued. “we cannot and will not tolerate the poor service we have experienced, and I am ready to pursue any and all options available to us, including the possibility of cancelling this contract (based on their default), and securing the service through another vendor. If this organization wants to maintain their service with Dearborn Heights, they need to adjust their operational and customer service methodologies to clearly demonstrate that our community – and indeed our tax-paying residents – are a priority for them.”
    Source : Dearborn Heights City Hall

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