Newborn gift.. a pregnant woman wins a large amount 10 minutes before the raffle closes

    A pregnant Scottish woman, at the last minute before the closing of the European Lottery prize draw, won one million pounds, transforming her life from an ordinary woman to a millionaire.

    She had bought two lottery tickets only ten minutes before the deadline for entering the draw expired, according to what was reported on the “Sada Al-Balad” website.

    After announcing her victory, she confirmed that she did not believe her eyes when she saw the ticket number is the same as the winner’s number, and she and her husband were unable to speak after the surprise hit them.

    The winning lady expressed her joy, saying: “I am still in disbelief, but I am very happy that now we have been able to secure our future and live in luxury for life, and the first thing I want to do is buying a new home in which to raise our little boy and our children in the future.” It is worth noting that Alicia is preparing for the arrival of her child in the world next September.


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