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    Is drinking ice water in hot weather bad for health?

    Drinking water is one of the most reliable way to keep body temperatures at an acceptable level during heat waves.

    In general, health experts recommend drinking at least two liters of water a day, but a little more in hot weather.

    Many people put ice cubes in the water to get a feeling of freshness and coolness, but is this safe for health?

    And every summer, numerous posts are published online urging people to avoid very cold water, as it can have serious consequences.

    Freezing fluids can upset the esophagus, causing unpleasant symptoms, including stomach cramps or chest pains and signs characteristic for esophageal spasm.

    In a widely spread video, a man said that he started seeing spots, feeling very nauseous in his stomach and numbness in his hands and feet after drinking ice water, and the man added that cold water disrupts the body’s signals, and claimed that rapid exposure to cold water and air after sports makes the body rejuvenate.

    Distribution of blood from the hands, feet and head to the stomach.Health professionals don’t think water is the culprit, and people rarely faint in hot weather.

    Doctors believe that some underlying health conditions, not just cold water, cause fainting in hot weather. At its most severe, conditions such as heat exhaustion, dehydration and others can lead to fainting, according to the British newspaper Express.

    Heat-related problems tend to affect people who work outside in hot weather, and heat stroke is a particular risk under these conditions, and its symptoms match those the video maker claims were caused by cold water.


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