Dearborn News

    The Lebanese Community at Dearborn Attended a Protest Against Saudi Interference in the Lebanese Affairs

    The Lebanese community in the state of Michigan attended a protest on Monday evening NOV 13, 2017 at the Lebanese club in Dearborn, against Saudi interference in the Lebanese affairs, altering security and stability and threatening the Lebanese. The protest call was met by a large crowd of Lebanese in the state, where political activist Zuhair Alawiya delivered an opening speech condemning the Saudi interference in the Lebanese affairs and calling for the return of President Saad Hariri, who remains “our prime minister”.

    Osama Al-Siblani, the publisher of Sada Al-Watan newspaper, then delivered a speech in which he attacked Saudi Arabia, which is committing massacres against the Yemeni people. At the same time, it intends to strike a land, air and sea blockade on Lebanon. He addressed Saudi Arabia, saying: “We are children of dignity and we do not accept humiliation and all the treasures of the earth are

    worthless when it comes to our pride and dignity, Al-Siblani said that Lebanon is not Qatar … It is enough to attack the Lebanese people.