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    In Syria: targeting a vehicle belonging to the Turkish forces, causing deaths and injuries

    A number of Turkish soldiers were killed or wounded as a result of targeting a vehicle belonging to the Turkish forces in the countryside of Aleppo, Syria, according to Syrian media, and those forces responded by bombing a number of villages in the area.

    The local “Sham FM” radio reported that “a number of Turkish soldiers were killed” as a result of the targeting of the vehicle by militants of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), near the village of Hazwan in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo.

    While the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that 3 Turkish soldiers were killed as “Kurdish forces targeted a Turkish vehicle on the Hazwan axis in the Aleppo countryside,” adding that the Turkish forces and the factions that support them bombed villages in the area with more than 200 shells, coinciding with the clashes on the Hazwan axis.

    The Military Council in Manbij (which is at odds with the “SDF”) announced a short while ago that “the base of the Turkish occupation army, stationed in the village of Qirata, north of the city of Manbij, is targeting the village of Hausharia and Al-Hussan, northeast of the city,” and said that the bombing is still continuing.