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    The occupation entity approves special measures in the Gaza Strip

    At the conclusion of a “security assessment” and with the approval of the political leadership, Israel decided to expand the fishing area in the Gaza Strip from 6 to 12 nautical miles, starting this Friday morning.

    A statement issued by the Office of the Coordinator of Israeli Government Activities in the Palestinian Territories, Ghassan Alyan, said that as of next Sunday, it will be possible to bring in equipment and goods in order to continue implementing projects sponsored by the international community in Gaza in the fields of food, water, medicine and fishing, in addition to Approval of the entry of electrical and agricultural tools from Israel into the Gaza Strip. It will also be possible to export metallic waste from the Strip to Israel.

    It was also decided to allow the passage of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to the outside through the Al-Karama Crossing. In addition, for one time only, 29 private vehicles left at the Erez Beit Hanoun crossing since the last war on Gaza will be allowed to enter.