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    Soon, Covid-19 will become a common disease

    The Swiss inventor of hand sanitizer said that within years, Covid-19 could become as a common disease like the common runny nose. He pointed out that there are several types of Corona virus in the world that have an epidemiological nature, but the human body develops immunity to it in childhood.

    The expert added: “By the age of twenty, we all have antibodies to these four types … but despite our knowledge of these viruses and the emergence of immunity to them, from time to time we will feel a slight runny nose. There is a high probability that Covid-19 will follow the same path, and after.

    In 5-10 years, all the population, or perhaps 99 percent of them, will have the antibodies to the Corona virus. And the infection will be in the mild form, that is, in the form of a common cold in the nose.”

    The doctor stressed that if vaccines against the virus had not appeared, the development of the herd immunity of the population would have required 6 to 10 waves of infection.

    The Swiss doctor called for vaccinating the largest number of the population as quickly as possible in order to reach collective immunity.


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