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    The Primary elections in Dearborn has been ended here is the unofficial results

    The primary election has ended yesterday in Dearborn and here is the unofficial result:

    Abdullah Hammoud wins with 8858 votes, which represent 42.01%,  in the other hand Gary Woronchak wins with 3,889 votes, that represents 18,45% in the Mayoral race in Dearborn . Abdullah Hammoud and Gary Woronchak will compete in the final elections in November 2021.  As well as the Dearborn City Council elections here are the winners:

    1-Mike Sareini 10,036 votes

    2- Leslie Herrick 8,356 votes

    3-Erin Byrnes 8,091 votes

    4-Ken Paris 7,037 Votes

    5-Robert Abraham 6,954 votes

    6-Silvo Davis 5,948 votes

    7-Gary Enos 5,673 votes

    8-Khodr Farhat 5,509 votes

    9-Lola Elzein 5,489 votes

    10-Kamal AlSawafy 5,480 votes

    11-Mustafa Hammoud 5,295 votes

    12-Samraa luqman 4,165 votes

    13-Khalil Othman 3,982 votes

    14-Saied Alawathy 3,966 votes

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