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    Samsung patent: the Galaxy smartphone of the future

    If there is a trend that Samsung does not participate in, then it is the notch in the screen. Although the South Korean manufacturer has applied for various patents with such a design, no Galaxy smartphone has yet been launched with the controversial “notch”. A new patent that has recently been published shows that Samsung has a different plan. The patent shows a smartphone design with a minimal “chin”, the edge at the bottom of the screen, and a thin edge at the top. It even seems that a second display is placed at the back of this smartphone.
    Minimal edges
    The futuristic design is not only visible on the front of the device. A second display can still be found at the back of the smartphone. At least, it seems. The patent does not show a description of the design so that this can not be said with certainty. In the illustration, this delineated space is shown as a display. It is therefore possible that this room is used for something other than a display. However, the front of the device shows that Samsung is working on a Galaxy smartphone with a higher screen-to-body ratio than ever before. Moreover, it is noticeable that there is no physical fingerprint scanner present; not at the front but not at the back.
    Note 9?
    The design for which protection is requested is very similar to the Note series of the company. It is obvious to attribute the patent to the yet unannounced Galaxy Note 9 but this device is probably not going to bring big surprises. The design of the Note 9 will be based on the design of the predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 . Renders of the upcoming Note have already shown this with support of leaked images of screenprotectors.
    Higher screen-to-body ratio
    The design shown in the patent would be a logical next step for the South Korean company. The Samsung Galaxy S9 had thinner edges than the predecessor but the design remained fairly similar. In order to keep innovating and remain attractive in the eyes of consumers, Samsung needs to minimize the edges even further. Competitors such as Vivo and Oppo have recently shown that it is possible with the Vivo Nex and Oppo Find X. Whether Samsung will exceed the screen-to-body ratio of these devices we will find out next year when the new Galaxy phones are presented .
    Source: Samsung patent
    The American patent office USPTO published a patent from Samsung Electronics on June 19, 2018, requesting protection for a futuristic smartphone design. In the patent that was applied for last year in September, the design of a smartphone is shown with an extremely high screen-to-body ratio. This is the design that Galaxy smartphones are waiting for. The edges on the sides and bottom are minimal while also the upper edge is reduced in thickness. In the thin edge there is still room for the speaker and a front camera. View the images from the patent below:

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