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    Photos & Video- DEARBORN POLICE DEPARTMENT 20 year 9-11 Ceremony at Dearborn PD

    On Saturday,September 11th Dearborn Police Lead by Chief Ronald Haddad hosted a 20 year commemoration of 9/11 which included the Dearborn Fire Department and 200 participants. In his remarks Chief Haddad stated that a stronger and safer America requires that we respect, love and protect one another. Following the ceremony, Chief Haddad recognized Police Chief David Robinson of Belleville, Chief Ron Beggs of Riverview and Chief Doug Topolski of Mackinac Island for years of service in Dearborn. Additionally, a fallen Detroit Police Reserve Commander Henry Dodge was honor for 55 years of service and will be inducted into the Detroit Police Museum soon. The day ended with visits with Chief Haddad in his office.

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