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    Bill Bazzi responds to the situation of Bellagio water bill

    After several weeks of public discussion about a rumor that a $4,3145.78 water bill was adjusted by Dearborn Heights Mayor Bill Bazzi to about $10,000, he spoke out about the situation.

    The bill in question was for the Bellagio Banquet and Convention Center.

    The allegations, which Bazzi denied, and for which there are no known documents to prove otherwise, said Bazzi eased the water bill for Bellagio’s owners, in exchange for a donation to his campaign.

    His campaign financing reports show no such donation.

    “Unfortunately, false information and reckless accusations were disclosed in this regard,” Bazzi said. These accusations have led to confusion and misunderstanding, and residents have questioned the method used for their water bills. However, by looking at the facts, residents can rest assured that this was an exaggerated mistake by the city, and that we moved quickly to fix the problem. In addition, we are implementing preventive measures to prevent this from happening to another small business owner or resident.”

    The water bill issue began on January 13, weeks before Bazzi was appointed mayor, while City Council Chairwoman Denise Malinowski-Maxwell was serving as loyal mayor, following the death of former Mayor Daniel Paletko from complications from COVID-19.

    Malinowski Maxwell received a letter from Bellagio’s attorney Sam Fakih, challenging the large bill.

    In his contact with the city, Fakih objected to the bill for Bellagio’s water and demanded a recalculation of this bill, which he said appeared to have been issued in error.

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