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    Three thieves steal tools and vandalize the former Wyandotte City Hall building

    Police are looking for information about three people who illegally entered the former Wyandotte City Hall, stole several tools and damaged equipment.

    The incident occurred on the night of September 9, inside the building that serves as the site of the annual House of Horrors for Wyandotte Jays, one of the group’s largest fundraisers.

    According to Wyandotte Jays, who posted photos and information about the crime on her Facebook page, three men broke into the building’s back entrance, 3131 Biddle Ave. , at 11:27 p.m., and stole tools and vandalized other equipment, before leaving. Building at 11:50 p.m

    A representative for Wyandotte Jaycee said the back door was accidentally left open by another party, not associated with Jayce, on the afternoon of September 8. Jaycee members discovered the illegal entry at around 2 pm. On September 11th.

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