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    Rangers catch a 600 kg crocodile after eight years of stalking

    Crocodile located at the authorities is 60 years old. – Handout / Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife / AFP 
    This is one of the largest crocodiles ever caught in
    Northern Territory of Australia. With a weight of 600 kg and a length of 4.7 meters, the animal has unusual dimensions. The Rangers managed to catch her after an eight-year stalking before being placed in a specialty farm.
    The crocodile, first shown in 2010, was found at the bottom of a trap installed in the river near the town of Katherine. The authorities had tried for several years to catch the animal, which is estimated to be 60 years old.
    Every year, the forest guards capture about 250 “problem” crocodiles because of the danger they make for the population. The newly caught test was taken to a crocodile farm, Tracey Duldig said, wildlife creator in northern territory.
    A Protected Species
    “It’s the largest crocodile never taken from the Katherine River at the Wildlife Unit,” she said in a statement. “We have given this animal many names over the years because it has been so difficult to catch,” said ABC Press Group member John Burke, a member of this unit.
    “It was quite breathless, but also, one can only admire the size of the animal and its old age. We can only respect him. The population of marine crocodiles (or saltwater crocodiles) has exploded in northern Australia since they were declared a protected species 1


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