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    Australia’s luckiest man: Undertaker who won the lottery FIVE times in three months netting him $3million reveals where he bought the tickets – and his one tip for hitting the jackpot

    A recent run of Lotto luck has continued for a former Sydney undertaker.

    2018 has been a lucky year so far for Carlo Massetti, 59, who has won Lotto five times in the last three months to claim more than a whopping $3million in prizemoney.  

    The lucky streak included two wins within a week, which netted a combined $2.5million alone.

    All five winning Lotto tickets were bought in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, including three from Bondi Sixway News on Hall Street.

    The other two winning entries were bought in Bondi Junction. 

    ‘There’s no skill. I guess someone was looking after me,’ Mr Massetti told Weekend Sunrise on Saturday. 

    ‘I just go with the systems entry. Tips I can’t give, to be honest. It just comes down to sheer luck.’

    While he wasn’t keen to divulge too much of his strategy on national television, he did reveal 28 was a lucky number.

    The multimillionaire insisted it hasn’t changed his life but confessed he doesn’t need to work at the moment.

    ‘I’m just good old Carlo. I’m the same guy,’ Mr Massetti told Weekend Sunrise.

    ‘I’m not blowing the money. I’ve been very sensible with it. I have just come out of a marriage breakup, I am currently in a complicated relationship and I am not sure where that is going.’

    He recently donated $50,000 of his winnings to St Vincents Hospital’s heart and lung unit, after his father and two grandparents suffered multiple heart attacks.

    Mr Massetti has been playing the lotto for 10 to 15 years ‘on and off’ and has had a few wins previously but ‘not as big as this.’

    He plans continues entering the Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Lotto draws.

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