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    Driving instructor captures footage of van grinding along edge of road bridge

    A van driver diced with death when they mounted a road bridge and came close to falling onto the dual carriageway below.
    The extraordinary footage of the white van grinding along the bridge rail Tony Hawk-style was filmed in Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire.
    The footage shows the van being forced to grind along the road rail and then the edge of the bridge itself by a car in the inside lane, which appears to make a late break for the A38 slip road.
    The video was filmed by driving instructor Ian Stinchcombe, whose student was on her test at the time.
    Mr Stinchcombe said: “The car was on a test with a female student driving, and an examiner in the passenger seat.
    “The girl saw it in the mirror and was in tears when they got back to the test centre.”
    Amazingly, the student still managed to pass her exam despite the incredible goings-on behind her.

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