Community Events

    The Cultural Evening Event of Dr. John Qassed at the Farmington Hills Hall

    The cultural evening event of Dr. John Qassed was held at the Farmington Hills Hall.
     Living in the virtual world and social media was the theme of the evening.

    The ceremony was attended by several distinguished guests of the most prominent personalities. The evening was presented by Mrs. Angham Al Mosawi and honered with the presence of the guest of honor Bahjat al-Jubouri,  the legendary Iraqi artist, and there was a speech for Mr. Adnan Baydoun.The ceremony was also attended by Dr. Amir Denha, Dr. Farazdak Zahid, Dr. Dijla Al Samawi, Dr. Afrah Ali editor of Al-Rai Al-Hurr newspaper, Professor Abdul Ellah Alsaegh, Sheikh Hassan Habhab, Dr. Nada Dalqamouni, Nobel Peace Prize nominee Professor Arkan Al Samawi, Iraqi Sports Captain Mumtaz Yildour, Lebanese artist Jad Al Mady.