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    Facebook responds to accusations against Instagram

    The repercussions of the accusations leveled against the popular networking site “Instagram” and their negative repercussions on adolescents and children continue.

    The US social networking company, Facebook, responded to reports that its photo and video site, Instagram, is spending the majority of its massive $390 million marketing budget on targeting teens.

    In a statement to Business Insider, a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement that the company views teens as one of the “most important communities” because they “set trends.” “While it’s not true that we focus our entire marketing budget on teens, we’ve said many times that teens are one of our most important communities because they spot and identify trends, it should come as no surprise that they’re part of our marketing strategy.”

    And a new report from the American newspaper “New York Times” showed that since 2018, almost all of the global marketing budget for “Instagram” has been directed towards showing ads to teenagers.

    According to the report, the annual advertising budget for the Instagram app is set to reach $390 million this year. The Wall Street Journal reported last month that more than 40 percent of Instagram users are 22 years old or younger, and teens in America spend 50 percent of their extra time on Instagram and then on Facebook.

    However, “Instagram” may lose teenagers at the present time to its other competitors, as 35% of teenagers said that the video application “Snapchat” is their favorite social media application, while 30% of them see their favorite application as “Tik Tok”, While only 22 percent of teens rated Instagram as their favorite, according to a Piper Sandler poll published last month.

    In contrast, “Instagram” sees the shrinking of its teenage user base as an “existential threat”, and in turn directed a large group of advertising spending to the narrow demographic of teenagers, and according to the New York Times report, the company emphasized that teenagers who Those between the ages of 13 and 15 are the targets of its new marketing plan.

    The new “New York Times” report comes after a wave of negative reactions to “Instagram” and “Facebook”, after an investigation published by the American “Wall Street Journal”, which reveals internal research indicating that “Instagram” has negative effects on mental health. for teens.

    One in three teenage girls in the research said Instagram made them feel more bad about their bodies. After the Wall Street Journal report, Instagram announced that it had temporarily stopped working on an application it was designing for children under the age of 13, known as “Instagram Kids.”

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