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    $639,000 raised by candidates for Dearborn Mayor

    The two candidates vying for Dearborn’s next mayor have raised about $639,000 and have already spent nearly half a million dollars on the race, according to campaign data they submitted Friday to Wayne County.

    Rep. Abdullah Hammoud, of Dearborn, 31, received nearly six times the amount that candidate Gary Woronchak, 66, received.

    With the election to lead Michigan’s seventh-largest city now a week away, unusually high amounts of contributions and spending have worried Woronchak and some campaign finance experts. The race is becoming contentious as candidates in the changing city of 110,000 people mobilize voters.

    During October 18, Hammoud raised nearly half a million dollars in total for his mayoral run: $499,333 in contributions and an additional $45,000 he transferred to himself from his state representative campaign committee.

    In the months following the August 3 primaries, Hammoud nearly doubled the amount of money he received from shareholders. From August 24 to October 17, Hammoud received contributions of $236,522.

    Hammoud spent $388,864 in total during the campaign, of which $139,362 was from August 24 through October 17.

    .In contrast, Woronchak collected much smaller amounts, a total of $94,727 during the campaign, of which $6,232 was transferred to himself from another commission. From August 24 through October 17, Woronchak received $41,149 in contributions. Woronchak spent a total of $86,818, $48,813 from August 24 to October 17.

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