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    After the Iraqi elections, will a strong opposition form in parliament?

    In the midst of waiting for the final results of the Iraqi general elections, which took place on October 10, with the scrutiny of appeals and complaints submitted to the Independent High Commission, and the escalation of disagreement and controversy over who will be entitled to form the largest bloc in the new parliament, which is tasked with establishing the next Iraqi government.

    Amid indications that push for resorting again to the option of a consensual government, which includes the main political blocs not only at the level of the various components, especially the three main Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish components, but also at the level within each of them, which prompts observers of the scene to ask questions about the reason for the insistence of the various Iraqi political parties , to represent the next government, and cling to participation in it, even those that fall within the framework of one component, and completely neglecting the hypothesis of playing the role of a parliamentary opposition that monitors government performance and criticizes it.

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