Meet the first person on the planet who owns 300 billion dollars

    Billionaire Elon Musk continues to add more and more money to his net worth, thanks to the superior performance of his investments, but the wealth of the world’s richest man now exceeds the value of the American oil giant, ExxonMobil.

    Musk’s fortune jumped to $ 288.6 billion on Monday, after returning from the weekend and the start of stock trading in New York, according to the “Bloomberg” index of billionaires, meaning that it achieved this increase in just hours.

    The sharp increase, which amounted to $36.2 billion from the previous day, came after the share value of Tesla, which Musk founded and is CEO of, rose, thanks to an agreement with “Hertz Global Holdings” to order 100,000 Tesla cars. , which is a very large order.

    ExxonMobil is currently worth about $272 billion, which means that although Musk’s fortune has fallen by less than $2 billion as of Wednesday, it is still comfortably higher than the value of the oil giant.

    Thus, the difference between Musk and his closest competitor to the title of “the richest man in the world” widens, which is the billionaire Jeff Bezos, the founder of “Amazon”, who owns about 196 billion dollars. Musk may soon become the first person with a fortune to exceed $300 billion soon.

    Although Musk’s wealth exceeded the value of “Exxon Mobil” company at the beginning of 2021, “Exxon” was in a state of severe deterioration at that time due to the instability of oil prices, and its value fell below $ 200 billion. But the company later outperformed Tesla’s CEO, by a large margin for most of the year as oil and natural gas prices soar. However, rising fossil fuel prices, if they continue, could help stimulate more sales of electric cars, according to Bloomberg.

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