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    Bellhops worker rewarded with SUV after walking 14 miles to job [video]

    The chief executive officer of Chattanooga-based moving company Bellhops gave his SUV to one of its employees who set out to walk 20 miles to get to his job in the Birmingham area because his ride fell through.
    “He’s got everything he needs to be an awesome Bellhop. He needs a car,” said CEO Luke Marklin.
    Walter Carr, 20, who lives in Homewood, Ala., had a vehicle that stopped working the night before his first day on the job. So he decided to walk to Pelham, Ala., on Saturday morning.
    He walked at least 14 miles before police picked him up at 4 a.m., according to CBS affiliate WIAT-TV. Police heard his story, took Carr to breakfast and then gave him a ride the rest of the way to the home of the family he was slated to help move that morning.
    Marklin said the customer put up something on Facebook, the company learned about Carr’s effort and determined something had to be done.
    He said they set up a meeting on Monday, had a coffee, and then handed him the keys to the CEO’s 2014 Ford Escape.
    “That was the only thing holding him back,” said Marklin about the Lawson State Community College student.
    He said Carr’s parents had a vehicle he shared, but it was’t reliable.
    “The culture we create at Bellhops is one we’ll change in this industry known for letting people down,” Marklin said. “We’ll do that through a lot of heart and a lot of grit. He showed it and showed it in a big way.”

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