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    Turkish fashion model leaves ‘profession’ to graze sheep

    Between a smart body-covered body on the fashion platform and a simple life in the village with a headdress under which the tufts of blond hair disappear, a big hole that many may not dare to fill. However, it seems that Turkish model Belon Dahman of Bodrum decided in a “rebellious” style to turn her life upside down, striking the modern lifestyle of human beings in the 21st century.
    Dahman wanted to experience a quality experience in her life, which surprised many, as she moved from fashion platforms to feed the chickens and graze the sheep. She decided to set up a small farm and live in the Turkish village of Gondogan, completely change her life, and follow the village lifestyle only.
    The fashion model has transformed from a lifestyle of luxury to a very healthy life, growing organic products and eating the vegetables and fruits grown in her farm.
    The whole-day model of the summer and winter is to work on the farm, collecting eggs each morning from the chickens they feed, feeding cats, dogs, parrots and quail, milking goats, making milk, grazing sheep and sheep, cutting wood from trees near her ranch .
    Since entering Dahan in the field of fashion, it was her only dream to settle down and live a quiet life, and worked to achieve this dream all her life, until it became realistic.
    “I think it’s time for my retirement and I realized that my dream was to live near dogs and chickens,” says Dahman. “I’m very happy here and I stay here during the summer and winter,” she said, noting she did not think she would leave her farm at all. She tries to compensate for all the years of fatigue in her life here, and stresses: “I want to live this life.”
    “I eat healthy here, cultivate tomatoes, pepper, make milk and milk,” she says. “Bread is no longer in my life.”
    “I no longer want gold, jewelry or watches,” Dahman says, explaining that all she wants is to wear her outfit, take care of her animals and live a simple life.
    “Of course, it’s not possible to compare my old lifestyle to the life I’m living now, and there’s a big gap between them,” says Dahman.
    “I wake up very early in the morning, feed my animals, feed the sheep, collect the eggs, clean the house, make the milk, and I do the tomatoes, the peppers, and the logs,” Dahman sums up her current life.

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