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    Lebanese military arrests fugitive radical Islamist cleric

     Lebanon’s military says it has arrested a fugitive radical Islamist cleric who was implicated in the abduction of soldiers by militants three years ago.
    The military says Mustafa Al-Hujairi, known as Abu Taqiyya, was taken into custody on Wednesday in the border town of Arsal. The town was overran briefly in 2014 by militants linked to Al-Qaeda and the Daesh group.
    The militants kidnapped several soldiers and Al-Hujairi was believed involved in the negotiations with the government for their release.
    A number were released but at least nine were killed. Their bodies were found earlier this year. Media reports have said that Al-Hujairi’s son allegedly confessed that his father was linked to the attack on Arsal.
    The military statement says the interrogation of Al-Hujairi is underway

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