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    Man filmed force-feeding grass to his mother for arguing with his wife

    A man has been filmed apparently trying to force his mother to eat grass because she argued with his wife. He has now been forced to write a public apology after a village official told Chinese reporters that the woman is in her 80s and is believed to have Alzheimer’s. The footage was shot in the village of Dinjia in Hunan Province and the man was identified only by his surname, Liang.
    Official Zhao Longcan said the incident happened on July 13 following a row over the use of his mother’s house. Zhao said that as a result of the argument he pushed grass into her mouth ‘to force her to shut up’, according to KanKan News. Village elders ordered him to write an apology and to make it public. In it he wrote: ‘I forced my mother to eat grass because she had a quarrel with my wife. Being a son, this was my fault. Please don’t learn from me. I am sorry mother.’ A police investigation has been launched.



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