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    Jordan’s doctor is performing the first “uterine transplant” in the Middle East

    A member of the Jordan Medical Association Council, a infertility consultant and pediatrician Ayman Al-Samadi, performed a uterine transplant surgery for a Jordanian patient, the first of its kind in the Middle East, in a hospital in the Lebanese capital, Beirut.

    Smadi said: “The patient suffered from moral reasons for the uterus and was looking for an opportunity for pregnancy, but the absence of uterus prevented it from” noting that “the uterus taken from the patient’s mother was the safest way to These cases “.

    He explained that she had undergone a stage of treatment during his supervision and is currently in a convalescence waiting for embryo implantation originally stored for the patient and taken from her ovaries.

    He pointed out that the number of cases of uterine implants carried out in the world so far did not exceed 20 That the Jordanian woman is the first to perform this process at the region level and announces that a Jordanian law is formed under his leadership to perform several of these operations in the future, to give hope to many women seeking natural pregnancy.

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