He hid a rock for years thinking it was gold… but this is what he discovered

    An Australian man named David Hall found a very strange and unique rock in 2015, when he was prospecting for precious stones and minerals with a metal detector in Mariborough Provincial Park near Melbourne, Australia.

    The man found “something totally unusual” – a very heavy, red-colored rock immersed in a yellowish mud. Hall took his strange and heavy treasure to his home, and tried to open the rock with all the equipment available to him, as he used the drill and all available means, thinking that it was pure gold, especially since the Mariboro area is located next to Gold Fields, where a lot of gold was found in that area in the century nineteenth.

    The man tried to open his rock by all available means, from the electric saw, the drill, and even soaked it with acid, and also used a very huge hammer, but he could never open it. According to the article published in the scientific journal “sciencealert”, the man discovered years later that this rock, which he was unable to open, is a great treasure, as scientists confirmed years later that it is a very rare meteorite.

    Melbourne Museum geologist Dermot Henry told Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald: “It looked like it’s sculpted and solid… it becomes like this when you go through the atmosphere, where it melts from the outside and is sculpted by the atmosphere (air).”

    The researchers published a scientific paper in the journal “Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria” describing the 4.6 billion-year-old meteorite, which they named “Mariboro” after the city near where it was found.
    The meteorite weighs about 17 kg, and after using a diamond saw to cut a small slice of the rock, they discovered that its composition contains a high percentage of iron, making it a type of “H5 normal chondrite”.

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