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    A study reveals a new and effective drug to treat obesity and lose 11% of weight!

    A recent study revealed a new drug that is able to treat the problem of obesity effectively and quickly and reduce human weight gradually within 6 Months. The new study, which was conducted in Ireland, confirmed that the new drug reduces body weight by 11% and leads to a loss of half the weight of the pelvis and abdomen within 6 months.

    The new drug, called “Cagrilintide”, works by increasing the feeling of satiety to allow patients to automatically reduce the amount of their meals. An international test of the effectiveness of the treatment has proven its efficacy.

    The new drug was tested in 10 different countries and given to about 706 obese patients, with another group given a placebo. According to the study published in the scientific journal “thelancet”, the treatment was injected once a week, and it was found that the treatment achieves a reduction of up to 11% of body weight, in just 6 months.

    “Treatment with cagrilintide in overweight and obese subjects resulted in a significant reduction in body weight and was well tolerated. The results support the development of novel mechanisms of action for weight management,” the study read.

    Simple symptoms, but sure effectiveness “Cagrilintide is a new drug that works by causing a feeling of satiety after a meal,” said obesity specialist at Saint Vincent University Hospital, Professor Karel Le Roux.

    “Researchers at St. Vincent’s Hospital worked with international colleagues to assess the effects on body weight, safety, and tolerability in obese patients,” the researcher continued. He explained that “those who received the highest doses of the drug lost 10.8% of their weight, which is about two stones for most people.

    A third of patients treated with it reported feeling mild nausea, but this was generally moderate.” In turn, Vera Vaughan from Dublin, who participated in the experiment, expressed, according to statements carried by the newspaper “independent.ie”, that she feels the urgent need for this drug, stressing that it is an effective drug and different from all the previous treatments that she used.

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