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    New normalization .. Saudi Arabian director does not oppose working with Israelis

    Saudi Arabian director Haifa al-Mansour said she did not oppose “cooperating with Israeli filmmakers” in a new normalization between the empire and Israel.
    The Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth published an interview with Al Mans Mans on Saturday, “I do not oppose cooperation with Israeli filmmakers.”
    She added: “I do not exclude this cooperation in the future,” saying that it only works within the official channels allowed by the Saudi government.
    In response to a question to the newspaper, seeking to develop relations with “Israel,” she said: “Saudi Arabia makes the right decisions in everything related to Gee
    and considered that the Kingdom” currently assumes a liberal approach in its policy against the Middle East, “which arose since the accession of Mohammed bin Salman, the mandate of the Saudi epic in July 2017
    And continued:” The regime in Riyadh no longer supports the regulations As it shows everyone that Saudi Arabia is moving in the right direction. “
    In the same context, the Hebrew newspaper revealed that the Saudi and Israeli representatives who participated in the Cannes Film Festival in May exchanged visits between them. 19659002] reported that” the visits were between the Saudi and Israeli wings in the exhibition (var) just a few meters from each other. “
    and Haifa Al-Mansour, director of the film” Oujda “, who was chosen as an introductory nomination for Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film 2013.

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