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    Around the world, the Internet and communications are in danger, and the reason is a natural phenomenon!!

    Technology and information experts sounded the alarm after news of a solar flare that could cause major problems and disruptions to communications and the Internet around the world.

    The Norwegian website “Dagens Nyheter”, quoting an expert in information technology from the University of California Sangeito Abdo Jyoti, stated that the solar flare may hit the communications network cables laid along the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

    The expert pointed out that “the solar flare is able to break the weak links that connect the huge cables, and if this happens, it will pose a danger to communications and the Internet in the world, which will be interrupted until it is repaired,” noting that the process of repairing the cable will not be easy and immediate.

    And in 2020, the German “Deutsche Bank” identified, in a report, the deadly threats to the global economy over the coming decades, as it considered that a strong solar flare is equal to a global war and a violent volcanic eruption.

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