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    Why does Lebanon launch tanks in the sea?

    It may seem illogical for environmentalists to throw ten old tanks off shore. A city trying to find a solution to a major problem related to the disposal of waste.
    ] But that is exactly what a group in the Lebanese city of Sidon in the hope of attracting more tourists to the area and create a new refuge for Mediterranean wildlife.
    Spectators watched the tanks three kilometers from the coast. Saturday
    Kamel Kazbar, from the group “The Friends of Tire and Sidon Beach”, who runs the festival, said
    He hoped that seagrass beds would soon cover these tanks, presented by the army as a gift for them, to fulfill their vision of creating a “park under the sea”, he told AFP. “Water” is a world away from the beaches that n & # 39; Have not been able to escape the garbage crisis in Lebanon.
    In January, photographs of piles of garbage dumped on the shores of northern Beirut appeared.

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