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    Oxford schools defend decision to send suspected shooter back to class, launch external investigation

    In a letter, Oxford Community Schools Principal Tim Thrun gave the school’s version of the events that led to the tragic shooting at Oxford High School earlier this week.

    On Friday, the Oakland County District Attorney’s Office provided details that were revealed during the investigation after the parents of suspected shooter Ethan Cromple were charged with four counts of manslaughter.

    “On the morning of the shooting, Ethan Curmbley’s teacher found a note on Ethan’s desk, which upset her so much that she took a picture of it on her phone,” Willis said. The note included: A drawing of a semi-automatic pistol indicated the words, ‘Thoughts won’t stop.’ help me. In another section of the note there was a drawing of a bullet with the following words above that bullet: “Blood everywhere.” Between the drawing of the gun and the bullet is a drawing of a person who appears to have been shot twice and bleeding. Below this figure is a laughing emoji. Below the drawing are the words, “My life is useless”, and to the right of these words, “The world is dead.”

    Investigators said James and Jennifer Curmbley were called to Oxford High School on the morning of the shooting to address the note the teacher found. Ethan Curmbley and his parents met with school staff, where they were shown the memo and advised to take their son for a consultation within 48 hours.

    During the meeting, Attorney General MacDonald said the parents “failed to ask their son if he had his gun, or where his gun was found, and failed to check his bag for the gun – which he had.”

    Investigators previously said the weapon was likely stored in Ethan Crumble’s backpack on the day of the shooting, who was present during Tuesday’s meeting.

    Oakland County Mayor Mike Bouchard said Friday he believed there was enough reason for Oxford High School officials to contact police about the suspected shooter’s behavior before the deadly attack.

    In response, Thorne offered details from the school’s early investigation — and announced a third-party investigation

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