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    Dearborn and Dearborn Heights police investigate threats against Crestwood High School

    Dearborn and Dearborn Heights police are investigating a December 6 threat against Crestwood High School.

    The threat, posted online, said someone was about to “shoot” schools at “11:05 lunchtime.”

    Dearborn High School Principal Zeina Jebril said: We have learned of a threatening comment made towards a nearby high school warning students not to come to school on Monday, December 6. “. Community We share many friends and family. These comments have heightened the feelings of some students and staff in the building at a time when we remain deeply emotionally upset about the events that occurred last week at Oxford High School.”

    The school has not been closed, but a large police presence has been in both buildings throughout the day and investigations into the source of the publication are ongoing.

    On December 7, a more vague threat was imposed against Dearborn High School. This threat, which was also considered unreliable, asked the students not to go to school but did not say why.

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